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Online Business Development

Our professionals are always by your side to plan, choose a strategy and increase your online business.

Developing an online business must take many factors into consideration.

Proper analysis and careful planning allow us to achieve the desired results.

It is also very important to consider that the online presence, if not accompanied by an excellent marketing plan, is ineffective and poor in results.


The main services we deal with are listed in this section


The starting point of any online business is a website. On the basis of the customer's needs and the results to be achieved, a website is structured to promote the customer's services / products in the best possible way.


Developing a good website for your business is just the first step.

Simulate that your website is a classic store.

You can have the most beautiful shop in the world but if you place it in a place devoid of potential customers, you will never make sales.

A website with no visitors is exactly the same thing.
It will certainly satisfy your aesthetic and content needs but it will never satisfy your turnover.

In order to achieve great results, it is therefore necessary to develop a well-structured marketing plan to ensure that potential customers visit your website and purchase your products / services.


Some business models may also be present online thanks to the use of landing pages dedicated to direct sales or simply to the collection of contacts from potential customers (Leads).
The contents of a landing page must be well structured and ensure that the user is led to leave their contacts or to purchase your product / service.


The use of Facebook & Instagram has become essential for practically all types of activities. More and more users rely on social networks both to verify your reputation (Brand Reputation) and to get in touch with your reality. It is therefore very important to have a dedicated Facebook page and Instagram profile. Pages and profiles must be professionally developed and constructed. In addition to this they must be constantly updated with new content to demonstrate an ongoing presence. Also in this case, "do-it-yourself" can prove to be a double-edged sword. A little experience in use and configuration can lead to damage the image of your business. We therefore recommend that you rely on specialists and define a clear budget for the development and management of this content.


The future of sales is based on e-commerce: online stores that allow users to make purchases from anywhere in the world. Many believe that administering and managing an e-commerce is very simple. It is not so. There are many aspects to keep under control and if you have no experience and are not followed by real professionals, you will make many mistakes that will compromise your project.
Il nostro Team è specializzato nella gestione di siti web e-commerce e si può occupare di tutti gli aspetti: selezione e rapporti con i fornitori, creazione ed aggiornamento cataloghi, aggiornamenti software, e-mails e corrispondenza, logistica ed imballaggi, contratti con corrieri espressi, gestione mailing list, gestione social, gadget e merchandising, after sales, programmi fedeltà, etc…


Our team has developed an advanced logistics management network. Online businesses dealing with physical product sales need to manage a warehouse and / or process the products that are ordered by customers. Thanks to our structure, we are able to solve this aspect in a very simple way. Agreements with external warehouses and outsourced from your business will allow you to significantly reduce warehouse management costs, reduce specialized personnel and have more time available to devote to other business aspects.
In addition to this, this type of costs will be transformed into variable and non-fixed costs since they will be quantified based on the volume of shipments and packages processed.


More and more professionals have decided to pass on their knowledge to third parties through the development of online courses. These courses are aimed at specific market niches.
In some cases, their purpose is to teach users how to carry out certain types of activities, in others they are simply transmitted specific notions related to the most disparate topics. The potential of these courses is the possibility to present and offer them to thousands of people directly via the web. We are therefore dealing with a very large pool of users without being limited by the physical presence in the classroom. In order to obtain satisfactory results, it will be necessary to analyze in depth the market niche to which one wants to address (Target), it will be necessary to develop a course rich in content and finally add a well-structured online marketing plan to the course.

The 4 Steps of Online Business Development